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Discover the Beauty of Air Plants in Your Home or Office

AirplantHK sells a wide range of high-quality air plants in Hong Kong. We take pride in nurturing healthy air plants for people who are looking to add some natural beauty to their home or office.

We make creating your own air plant garden easy – simply choose the air plants which suit your needs, and we will carefully ship them straight to your door.

In addition to the air plants themselves, we stock a range of books on air plants in English, Chinese and Japanese for you to learn more about air plants and their care, and air plant accessories to help you create your perfect air plant display. You can also see our blog for more information on air plants as well as air plant care and display tips.

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What are air plants? - AirplantHK

What Are Air Plants?

Air plants are in the genus Tillandsia. This genus comprises hundreds of species of plants which do not need soil and any roots they do have are only used for anchoring. To flourish they only need adequate air circulation, a little sunlight and water. Plants in the Tillandsia genus are evergreen and perennially flowering and are commonly found in rain forests, jungles, mountainous regions and even deserts in Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies.

The reason plants in the Tillandsia genus do not need soil is that they absorb moisture through their leaves. They also absorb dust, decaying vegetation or insect matter as nutrients, which makes them great, natural air cleaners!

They come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes and their colour changes frequently during the year. They have grown in popularity in recent years as they make perfect houseplants and office plants which need little looking after. People use them to create stylish decoration pieces in their homes and offices, and they also make wonderful, unique gifts!

What Are the Benefits of Tillandsia Air Plants?

✅ Easy to care for and fun to grow

✅ Need only adequate air circulation, a little sunlight and water to thrive

✅ Evergreen and perennially flowering

✅ No soil means no insects

✅ Make stylish decoration pieces for your home or office – be as creative as you like!

✅ Perfect indoor or outdoor plants for your Hong Kong home or office where space can be limited

✅ Complement both modern and classic home and office decor

✅ One of the best plants to grow in Hong Kong as they flourish in a humid climate

✅ Improve the quality of air in your home or office

✅ Make wonderful, unique gifts

✅ Safe to ship


 I received 2 books about Tillandsia, and I found them to be very interesting and useful. The books from AirplantHK arrived quickly and safely. One of the books was even signed by the author, Mr Jan! Thank you so much!

Ming Pao Fam (Indonesia)

AirplantHK were very kind and gave me some tips on how to care for air plants before I decided to buy. I have now bought many air plants from them. 

If you are looking to buy air plants, I strongly recommend using AirplantHK. 

Keiko (Hong Kong)


Growing without soil!


Tillandsia ionantha flower blooming


Just need Air + Water + Sunlight!


Tillandsia ionantha flowering